Hope Chapel's Lessons & Carols


December 13


A year for wonder

2020 has proved to be a year of significant hardship for many of us. Between sickness, isolation, heartbreak, and all variety of divisions, we may find ourselves limping into this advent season with just a glimmer of hope that Emmanuel will indeed make things new. 

It’s against this backdrop that we offer our traditional Lessons & Carols program with the theme of Wonder. Let’s together recapture the stunning beauty of the incarnation. Let’s look with a child’s wide-eyes at the improbable, impossible arrival of God in human form. Let’s  celebrate the good news of the incarnation in ways that are fun, unexpected, and profoundly joyful.

On December 13, we’ll release this year’s program in digital format. We’d love for you to join a watch party if you’re a Greensboro local, or if you’re further away, pull up a chair and join us as we walk through the wondrous story of the promises of God, made good in the birth of a child.